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  1. Czech Republic - A/H1N1 - 104
  2. Baxter not to provide anti-swine flu vaccine to Czechs
  3. Czech Republic has first victim of swine influenza
  4. Low pathogenic avian influenza H5N3 (poultry), Czech Republic (WAHID Interface - OIE World Animal Health Information Database, 11/6/09, edited)
  5. Celebrities on CT24: "Influenza virus is irremovable from the stock," says Martina Havlíčková
  6. Czech Rep. - In the Vinohrady hospital, 6 people with swine flu
  7. Low pathogenic avian influenza (poultry), Czech Republic (WAHID Interface - OIE World Animal Health Information Database, 11/13/09, edited)
  8. Second swine flu victim reported in Czech Republic
  9. Czech official predicts 'epidemic' will begin early December
  10. Czech Republic : 56-year-old man is 3rd swine flu victim
  11. Fifth patient dies in connection with swine flu in Czech Republic
  12. Czech Republic confirms 20 swine flu deaths
  13. Czech authorities confirm 8th death, nearly 800 cases
  14. Swine flu death toll doubles in one week -total 27
  15. H1N1 in the Czech Republic - Commentary
  16. Ten people with swine flu die in CzechRep in past week- total 48
  17. A H1N1 death toll reaches 94 in Czech Republic 3 new
  18. Czech president opposes mandatory vaccination program against swine flu
  19. Czech Republic May Cancel GSK Swine Flu Vaccine Orders
  20. A H1N1 death toll reaches 101
  21. Data of the suspected disease Pandemic (H1N1) Updated information on cases confirmed to date 3.3 2010 Pandemic virus (H1N1) 2009
  22. ČR among EU countries with highest swine flu death rate
  23. HN: Most swine flu vaccines unused by Czechs
  24. in the Pardubice region isolated influenza virus H1N1
  25. In Vysočině discovered H1N1 virus, a young man in hospital
  26. Czech Republic: ECDC update (Jan 21 2011)
  27. Swine Flu mother rescued the baby lives
  28. Swine flu struck in the Usti region
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  31. Czech Republic: ECDC update (Feb 11 2011)
  32. Prague flu patients increased by 4.5 percent
  33. Czech Republic: ECDC update (Feb 18 2011)
  34. Influenza in the North Moravia has killed ten people, its incidence is decreasing
  35. Influenza H1N1 almost killed a baby
  36. First victim of flu H1N1 in Czech Republic
  37. Czech Republic: virus A/H1N1 circulates again
  38. The Czech Republic is on the threshold flu epidemic, five people died
  39. Czech Republic: Type A H1N1 virus has caused 8 deaths
  40. The current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic: 532 ICU cases and 124 deaths