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Default Re: Deaths reported in Rosario- total 4


Reported two other deaths in Rosario by influenza A

Two other people died today in Rosario because of influenza A, which will join the four fatalities in the city.One victim was pregnant, died today, while the other was an immunocompromised individuals.

Did not transcend the identity of the deceased.

The Ministry of Health reported that about 1,500 cases in the province, although they suspect that the actual number of people who contracted the influenza A treparía twice.

The fatalities were reported today an immunocompromised individuals (whose immune system functioning below the normal rate) and a pregnant woman.

It recommended to women who are expecting a baby exercise extreme care, since they constitute the highest risk group against influenza A.

The other deaths were confirmed yesterday and it was young adults, one of whom was immunosuppressed with a basis of respiratory pathology.
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