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Default Re: INDONESIA - 35F BF suspect from Northern Sumatra

toggletext-ed from Indonesian:

The most FLAT PATIENT BIRD FLU in Simalungun had a miscarriage
August 30, 2006, Medan: The patient suspect bird flu from the Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra, Rasmita Boru Lingga (34), that was pregnant two months experienced had a miscarriage. At this time, Rasmita was still being treated intensively in Space of the Pilgrim Adam of the Isolation of the central Public Hospital the Owner, Medan. The Rasmita condition up to now is not yet stable because still experienced breathless and feverish. It was hot that his [her] body achieved 39 levels celcius. Doktor Luhur Breakingprep Suroso Professor, Ketua Breakingprep Tim Medis Penanggulangan Breakingprep Flu Burung Rumah Sakit Adam Malik Medan said, the team of the doctor must do terminasi or menguret the embryo that was contained by Rasmita.

Professor Beadj Luhur also said, the hospital side on last Tuesday (29/8) accepted information from the Hall of the Department of the Health, Jakarta, of the Health Research that results of the sample of Rasmita blood the bird flu negative. Results of this research, according to Professor Luhur, were different to results of the clinical inspection the team of the doctor Adam's Hospital the Owner against Rasmita that headed to H5N1.
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